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Account Settings
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Account Settings

Why do I have to log into the digital FF?

As business owners, you want to protect your information from competitors. The FF often contains information others in the home care industry may find valuable. CKFI wants to protect Comfort Keepers’ information as much as possible. By having a secure digital newsletter and monitoring subscriber access to the digital newsletter, we can help keep this information safe within the network.

How do I change my password?

Click on “Settings” at the top, right side of the page and select “Reset Password.” You will be asked to enter your old password, then enter your new password.

What if I forget my password?

There is an automatic password retrieval option at login if you forget your password. The system will send an email to your account with your password.

What if I can’t remember my login ID AND password?

In the event you forget both your log-in ID and password, please send an email to FF@ComfortKeepers.com so CKFI can retrieve your ID and reset your password for you.

How can I change my profile picture?

CKFI creates and manages newsletter subscriber profiles. However, subscribers have the option of adding a picture to their profiles. To do so, click on “Settings” at the top, right side of the page and select “Edit Picture.” You can then choose a photo and upload it. This image will appear next to any comments you make on an article. We recommend you upload images of 150kb or less.

How can I be alerted if someone responds to a comment I make on an article?

Go to “Settings” located on the top right corner of the digital newsletter and click on “comment settings.” Comment settings allow you to receive alerts whenever you comment on an article. If you click on “Select to receive email notifications for comment,” you will only receive notifications when someone comments on articles you have commented on. You will not receive notifications for articles you have not commented on.

How do I change my contact information?

Please send any contact changes to FF@ComfortKeepers.com.

How can someone get added to the FF distribution list?

Since the FF is intended as a communication vehicle to franchise owners, only franchise owners can request that employees be added to the distribution list.

Franchise owners can send requests to add personnel to the FF distribution list by sending an email with the recipient’s full name, title, Comfort Keeper’s email address, and franchise unit number where the person is based to FF@ComfortKeepers.com.

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How are articles organized in the digital newsletter?

Current Articles (Main Page)

The “Current Articles” in the navigation at the top of the page contains the most recent FF articles. These are organized in descending order by date.

Article Category Pages

The tabs at the top of the page will take you to article category pages. There are six main categories, plus the calendar page: Sales + Marketing, Operations, Franchise Development, Learning + Development, Events, Calendar.

Articles on each category page are organized in descending order by date.

What topics are covered under each main article category?

While new topics may be added as they arise, in general the following topics fall under each of the six main category pages:



Current Articles All topics from the most recent issues.
Sales + Marketing Branding and Advertising, CallSource®, CK Brand, Feed Seniors Now®, Marketing Surveys, National Brand Fund, News You Can Use, Nourish Senior Life®, Pilots, Print Services, Promotions, SafetyChoice®, Sales Scripts/Tools, Sales/Lead Generation, Search Marketing, Vendor Updates, Member’s, Websites
Operations Annual Survey, Client Care, Finance, Hiring and Retention, Human Resources, Industry News, Information Systems, National Advisory Council, Operations Surveys, Quality Standards
Network Development Build the Brand Referral Program, Open Territories, Zip Codes, Franchise Development, Royalty Programs
Legal News Updates on legal changes affecting franchising
Learning + Development Client Care, Franchise Training, Leadership Challenge, Mastermind, Relias, Road Shows, Salesapalooza, Silverchair
Events Comfort Keeper® of the Year, Leadership Conference, Other Awards, Other Events, Quest for Excellence

How are the “Related Articles” on article pages generated?

The system pulls articles that have been tagged with the same topics as the one you are reading. Some articles may be more closely related than others.

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The calendar offers CKFI a single location to post events open to the network, such as training, webinars, conferences, and so forth. You can also check the calendar for important deadlines. You can add events and important deadlines, or the entire calendar, to your personal calendar.

Important note: Subscribing to the calendar or adding an event from the FF calendar to your personal calendar does not register you for any events. It only adds the event to your calendar so that you will receive reminders. Please follow registration instructions on the event pages of items in the FF calendar to register for events.

How do I subscribe to the FF calendar feed?

You can have events posted right in your personal calendar as reminders by subscribing to the calendar feed. This feed will add ALL events posted to the FF calendar to your personal calendar.

  • Simply click on the “Calendar” tab to go to the main calendar page.
  • Next click on “Subscribe,” located near the bottom right of the page.
  • Depending on the calendars loaded on your computer, you may have to choose the calendar to which you would like the FF calendar added.
  • Once you have chosen the calendar, simply follow the instructions in any pop-up windows to add the FF calendar. The pop-up boxes will differ depending on the personal calendar you are using.

Note for Outlook users: If you get a pop-up window with Outlook and “30 Boxes” as options, add the FF calendar to your Outlook by highlighting “Microsoft Outlook” and then click “OK.”



Note: You can hide or show the FF calendar feed by locating the FF calendar in the “Other Calendars” category of your personal mail program, and selecting “show” or “display” from the options menu. As an example, in Google calendars, it would look like this:



Note for Outlook users, you can access the options menu by right clicking on the calendar you wish to display or hide.

How do I add an event from the FF calendar to my personal calendar?

To add a single event to your personal calendar, click on the title of the event in the FF calendar. This will take you to the event page.

Once on the event page, click on “Add to calendar” and follow the instructions in pop-up windows. These pop-up windows will vary depending on the calendars loaded into your computer.

Note: Your personal calendar program will add the event under the “Other Calendars” category. CKFI recommends that you delete added events once they have passed so as to not clutter your personal calendars with added events. In most programs you can delete the event by finding it in the “Other Calendars,” right clicking on the event you wish to delete, and clicking “Delete.”

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The commenting feature is a moderated forum where FF readers can ask questions or request clarification or additional information about article topics. The advantage of posting questions or comments is that both the questions and responses will be available for other readers who may also need clarification.

We encourage all readers to take advantage of this feature, but also request that they follow some general guidelines when posting a comment.

  • Comments should provide a business benefit for readers as a whole. If you have a question on an article topic that is very specific to your situation, you might experience a better benefit from sending an email directly to the contact listed in the article.
  • Please be courteous when commenting and refrain from personal attacks or inflammatory remarks. Comments that contain inflammatory language will not be published.
  • Stay on topic. The commenting feature is another tool for providing information, not a forum to post personal opinions and grievances. CKFI reserves the right to not publish comments that are personal opinions and grievances. If you have an opinion or a grievance you believe needs to be heard, please send an email directly to the contact person or another appropriate contact.

Readers can also expect the following when commenting:

  • Comments will be acknowledged within three (3) business days. If an answer is not readily available, the digital newsletter administrator or appropriate contact person will acknowledge your comment so that you know that we are working on a response.
  • If your comment is too specific to benefit the network as a whole, CKFI may contact you directly to address your comment in lieu of publishing your comment and responding to it in the forum.

Please note that once you submit a comment, it cannot be edited by anyone but the digital newsletter administrator. If you wish to change, edit, or delete your comment after you submit it, please send an email to FF@ComfortKeepers.com with the request.

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How can I search for a particular article?

There are many ways you can search for an article:

Current Articles or Article Pages: If the article is very recent, you may be able to find it easily on the Current Articles page or on one of the article category pages.

Popular Topics: You can click on the various popular topics or browse all topics to find articles

Search Box: You can type in keywords to find articles using the search box. The search checks all of the text in all of the articles, so the more specific your keyword is, the narrower your search result will be. Entering very general terms, like “marketing,” may give you hundreds of results.

Digital Newsletter Site Map: If you have a general idea of what the article title is, you can browse the digital newsletter site map. The link to the digital newsletter site map is located at the very bottom of every page, right after “Copyright © 2014 CK Franchising, Inc.”  Articles are listed by the most recent month first and then in descending order by date. The dates are not visible on this page, but if you click on a title, you can see the exact date the article was published.

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